Shelter Dining

A Private Dining Room in Calgary

Private Dinner Approach

Exclusive destination, unique atmosphere, intimate setting.

Stop boring your friends, family, and colleagues by taking them to the same old restaurant or chain establishment. Invite your team to enjoy an unforgettable evening in the one of the most exclusive private dining rooms in Calgary – Shelter.

Whether you are hosting a milestone birthday, creating the perfect intimate reception for a bride and groom, or you are simply reconnecting with a group of friends or colleagues, we have you covered. The cozy private event space at Shelter will take your party out of the stresses of the daily grind and into a place where you can sit back, relax, converse and have fun.

To provide our guests with the most memorable of evenings, we have meticulously curated the décor to deliver a unique atmosphere where industrial chic meets dark glamor. Sit back on our comfortable velvet couches with a carefully crafted drink in hand, our close setting is offset by 16-foot ceilings making the space feel expansive yet close. All of the walls and art fixtures are Instagram-worthy. Your guest’s breath will be taken away when they get a look at the art driven light fixture consisting of over 5,000 lightbulbs.

Escape the real world with your party and seek Shelter in our private dining room in Calgary. Our intimate setting can accommodate up to 40 people, whether they are colleagues, friends, or family, we are here to help create a night your party will never forget. Add your own twist with special requests, our expert staff welcome any suggestions on how they can make your special night work for you. Want your friends or family to have a meet and greet with their chef? Done. Have a specific playlist for your night? We can do that. Want a special dinner with wine, beer or cocktail pairings? We’re ready to accommodate.

Our food menu has been meticulously developed by two of Calgary’s most sought-after chefs. The primary menu draws on a hybrid of ingredients that might be stored in a Shelter combined with what local resources would be available after a fallout. Your friends and family can choose from of our menu a la carte style, or you can pre-arrange a specific menu with our staff ahead of time, but you are going to want to save room for dessert – you don’t want to miss our s’mores!

Your bartenders will help get the party started, serving your party wine, beer or one of our own cocktails with a flourish. You can choose your drinks from our seasonally rotating drink list, featuring a selection of liquors, craft beers, and delectable wines chosen by our bar manager. Guests can let the staff know what kind of beverage they usually like and our professional bartenders can choose the perfect cocktail for you. If you are hosting a truly special evening in our private dining room in Calgary, you can always pre-arrange to have our mad bar scientists create a drink specifically for your event.

We promise our guests three things… food, drink, and shelter.