Introducing “Shelter Lab”: An Innovative Happy Hour Experience at Shelter Cocktail Bar

Shelter Cocktail Bar is excited to announce the launch of its all-new and utterly captivating “Shelter Lab” Happy Hour. With an unwavering commitment to delighting our patrons, Shelter Lab offers an immersive cocktail experience where experimentation meets perfection, all at unbeatable prices.

A Unique Fusion of Creativity

Shelter Lab is more than just a happy hour; it’s an invitation to join us on a journey of mixological discovery. Drawing inspiration from our guests’ feedback and the creative genius of our talented bartenders, Shelter Lab showcases a series of discounted cocktails that balance our “work-in-progress” drinks, with guest feedback on what they’d like to consume that evening.

Our guests’ preferences and insights play a pivotal role in shaping the cocktails featured on the menu. This collaborative approach transforms every visit into a personalized experience, where guests are interactively involved in the cocktail creation process.

An Elevated Happy Hour

Experience “Shelter Lab” Happy Hour and redefine your evening ritual. Step into a world where your feedback shapes the future of mixology, and where every sip is a testament to innovation and artistry. From refreshing spritzes that tickle the senses to bold concoctions that challenge conventions, Shelter Lab’s menu is an embodiment of ingenuity. Raise your glass Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm to 6pm and tell us what you taste and what you think.

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